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About Us 


We are a body of believers united for the purpose of transforming lives through the power of the Word of God and random acts of kindness. Our mission is to Restore “The Individual”, to Restore “The Family Unit” and “Our Communities”.


It is progressive: a restored individual >> leads to a restored family >> a restored family leads to restored families >> restored families reshape and rebuild communities >> these communities serve as a grassroots groundswell and spark change in the world.


"...It only takes a spark to get a fire going..." We are tireless in our efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. We help those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment find the path that will lead them to a brand new life in Christ Jesus.

Our membership is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our True Worship family.  



True Worship Church of God in Christ Church History

In 2002, Elder Nugent was called to preach while a member of the Mt. Airy Church of God In Christ under the pastorate of Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr.  He was licensed in 2005 and summoned to help Fern Rock Baptist Church in the demise of their pastor.

As God would deem it so, elevation was in the air.  Bishop Burton, pastor of Tower of Pentecost C.O.G.I.C. was in great need of assistance from a younger generation to indeed take the church to the next level.  Elder Nugent was asked to be Bishop Burrton’s assistant.

Through extensive and intensive training the church membership began to grow and Elder Nugent’s appetite for the gospel, church growth, souls and true worship changed.

 In February of 2009, in the home of now Missionary Patricia Green, True Worship Church of God In Christ was born.  The board of directors was created which consisted of:

1. Pastor E. O. Nugent

2. First Lady Kimberly Nugent

3. Missionary Pat Green

4. Walking Deacon Thadis McGarrah

5. Sis. Autumn Harris

6. Deacon Elect Jorrel Nugent

7. Aspiring Minister Earl Tabron, Jr.

In June, 2009, the church moved from 7945 Michener Ave. to its present location at 7516 Williams Ave. because of God’s own expansion.  Ordained and installed as pastor, Pastor and First Lady Nugent have now embarked upon a great call upon their lives; a new beginning of reaching the lost at any cost, to proclaim the gospel and create an environment through Christ, where True Worship is true.

True Worship Church of God in Christ is in the Pennsylvania Koinonia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr., Prelate. Superintendent Alonzo B. Baxter, Jr. is the First Administrative Assistant; Bishop William Chancy is the Second Administrative Assistant, Overseer Wendell Robbins is Executive Secretary and Mother Emily Myrick is Supervisor of Women.

The Agape District is one of the districts within the Koinonia Jurisdiction and Bishop William Chancy is the Superintendant of our district. Our District Missionary is Pastor Cheryl Boyd.





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